Who we are

Innovative Pain Management Clinic is here to provide you with the power to heal. Our clinic uses cutting-edge diagnostic tools combined with next generation regenerative treatments. We are passionate about maximizing your overall level of function and ability to lead an active lifestyle. Your experience at Innovative Pain Management Clinic will be comfortable and unlike any other.

Mission Statement
Our mission is to promote an informative and educational experience cultivating in a decision in favor of Innovative, Regenerative and Alternative chronic pain management to facilitate managing pain for functional gain and improved quality of life.

Bio of S. Dante Oriente, M.D.

Born of Irish and Italian parents whose families immigrate thru Ellis Island, the Irish directly from New York to Eagle Rock, California, the Italian side thru Argentina as during that time, Mussolini was not popular.

Childhood in California thru parochial school system until Junior High, attended High School in the Public System.
College was at University of Puget Sound in Tacoma, WA. Graduated with Bachelor of Science in Biology, with Honors in Economic as a double major. While waiting to enter medical school was an Economics Teacher’s Aid for one year.
Medical school was at Far Eastern University, Philippines, Nicanor Reyes Medical Foundations, an affiliate of the University of California at Los Angeles.

First residency was in Internal Medicine 3 year program at Interfaith Medical Center Brooklyn, NY. Second residency in Anesthesiology, a 2 year program at New York Medical College, Valalla, NY.

The next position was a as Pain Management Fellow in a very prestigious fellowship at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center with rotation to Hospital for Special Surgery for Sports Medicine, both Cornell University affiliates.

Then engaged in private Anesthesiology and Pain Management practice for one year in Arizona, three years in Boise, ID, 17 years in California, and past nine years in Montana, with the first four years at Great Falls Clinic, then the most recent five years at Benefis Medical Group, the last year as Medical Director of the Chronic Pain Clinic.

My hobbies and interests center around fishing, hunting, skiing, snowmobiling, scuba diving, model train collecting, surfing, and fast motorized vehicles. I also raise dogs, chickens, guinea hens, and kids.

The main purpose for embarking in an independent practice is to regain my autonomy in medicine once again and to offer alternative pain management choices geared towards Regeneration, Interventional, Electrical Signal, and Curative therapies. To accomplish this, I intend to offer the traditional Interventional Pain Management therapies. However, I also plan to offer newer, cutting edge, Regenerative and Restorative medical therapies. These will be based and emphasized on the patient’s intrinsic healing powers with the aid of Regenerative and Electrical Signal treatments.

We will offer therapies for chronic neck, low back, and joint pain. We will offer specialized therapy and programs for all forms of neuropathic pain, to include diabetic neuropathy, idiopathic neuropathy, RSD/CRPS I & II, phantom limb pain, post chemo/radiation neuropathy, to mention just a few. We will also offer cosmetic services such as PRP facial, PRP hair restoration, and PRP scar tissue regeneration. Also offered will be sports therapy, PRP ligament, tendon, and muscle therapy.

916 13th Avenue South, Great Falls, MT 59405